Thursday, July 26, 2012

2 Fashion Addictz Features of the Week ~Pilar~

Happy Thursday!! This week we wanted to feature Pilar who is a hairstylist from Texas. I absolutely love her style from head to toe. Pilar loves fashion and taking risk with her looks. She exudes CONFIDENCE which is always a plus in my eye...She is simply working and owning it!!

What do you love most about fashion?

I love that you can switch your attire according to the mood of your day. If I'm feeling relaxed I can put on a maxi and some sandals, if I'm feeling sexy I will go all out and put on my BADDEST heels and a swagged out outfit and some days I feel like being hippie-ish then I pull out my ripped up jeans, Bob Marley tee, headband and rosary.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

My favorite places to shop are Forever 21, Baker's, Thrift Stores, H&M and the hood shoe stores. LOL (don't judge me)

Who or what do you look at for fashion inspiration?

Beyonce, Toya Wright, Alicia Keys, Rhianna and none other than June Ambrose

What is your staple piece or go to item in your closet?

My go to item has to be my favorite pair of shoes from Baker's "Chloe". You can never go wrong with this bootie.

I absolutely LOVE how her style is unique and changes from her hair to her shoes. Did I mention that Pilar is my sissy ;-) Well if you are in the Dallas, Texas area and want your hair fly, check out Pilar at:

Divine Unique Styles
4206 S. Lancaster Rd. Suite A
Dallas, Texas 75216


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  1. Yes, confidence is jumping all off the page. Loving the khaki shorts, leopard skirt and tutu dress outfits. Work Mommy!


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