Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tootsie's Top Blogger Event 2014

We attended an awesome event at Tootsie's Dallas last week. It was their annual Top Blogger Event. The host was the gorgeous and fabulous Courtney Kerr of Bravo's Courtney Loves Dallas. There were six finalist out of approx twenty five entries. We were actually one of the 25 entries but didn't make it as finalist. Next year this time, we plan to be blogging about our experience as finalist/winners. 

The six finalist were Lauren of LoMurphy', Kendall of, Kelley of, Cristina of MyFashionJuice, Tanya of, and Ellen,Janie and Blair of They all did a great job styling their models to the theme they chose. Our personal favorite was Tanya of we were in love with every look her models ripped the runway in.

We spent the night not only enjoying the fashion show, but there were so many things to do. Upon our entry to the event, we were greeted with swag bags filled with goodies. We enjoyed Sprinkles Cupcakes, horderves, Skimpy Mixer cocktails, a photo booth, options for shopping and mingling with other fashionable bloggers. We had such a good time and were so happy we came out to represent our blog. At the end of the night Kendall of DallasTidBits was announced the winner. She was such a lucky girl. 

                         The Finalist 

             The Fabulous Courtney Kerr

                      Photo booth time

         A glimpse of the fashion show

                Nickey's Outfit Deets
                      Dress: Kohl's
                    Shoes: Shudeal
                 Necklace: Forever 21

                   Pammie's Look

                   Top: Forever 21 
                   Pants: Sheinside
                Earrings: Sheinside
                     Shoes: Zara
                  Clutch: Marshall's


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On the Run

Happy hump day, last night me and the ladies attended the #OTR tour and it was amazeballs! J + B truly gave you an awesome experience. Of course, I had to take pics of my outfit. Hope you like!

    Of course Nickey was in attendance! Did you peep the shoe change though? I went for comfort, instead of painfully cute. Lol

                 Nickey Outfit Deets:

                Top: Forever 21
                Shorts: Forever 21
                Stockings: Kohl's
                 Shoes: Shu Deal

                  Pammie's Look:

                       Top: Ross 
        Cut off denim shorts: Image
               Pumps: Steve Madden 
                Wedges: Shu Deal
              Earrings: Body Central                
      Necklaces: Charlotte Russe & Love Culture


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

OOTD: Watermark Swag

How do you choose your outfit of the day? Do you start with your outfit or shoes? I think it's really neat how a outfit can come together just by starting with your shoes. It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I will build a outfit starting with just the jewelry. 

So today I decided to start with this watermark shirt I was dying to style. I purchased it for 3.80 off the good ole clearance rack. All women love a steal and this shirt was just that. I wanted to be comfortable with a dash of dressy. So I decided to pair my black jeggings for a casual feel, and threw in my triple strap sandals and rope necklace to dress it up. I also put on a black cami underneath to cover up the exposed skin from the shirts back action.

 I wore this into the office today. So if you are looking for a business casual look I think this look would be a great place to start.

                       Outfit Deets

                       Shirt: Kohl's
                    Pants: Walmart
                Shoes: Steve Madden
           Jewelry: Forever 21 and Shasta


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