Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting to Know Nickey and Pammie D

Hey Fashionista's, this week is going fast and that's just how we like it. We decided to do something a little different today. So we figured lets do some fun fashion and random facts about us. Hopefully, this post will make you giggle if nothing else,but we hope at the end of it you love us a little more.

Facts about Pammie D

1.  I love to talk about fashion, it excites me and makes me happy, I can literally talk about it all day long.

2.  My two girls are my mini muse. They love fashion just like there mom!!

3.  I love to watch shows about fashion like Project Runway, BET Rip the Runway, and OMG I was so obsessed with a show on TLC called What Not to Wear, love that one. I pretty much watch any Award Pre-Show on Tv. I love to see what everyone is stepping out in and who they are wearing.

4.    I have random addictions. One minute I'm addicted to collecting nail polish and practicing nail designs. The next month I'm addicted to making earrings (crazy I know). I have random spurts when I'm obsessed with a project, then I get over it after a while.  

5.  Random Fact: I'm obessed with my weight. I go on spurt diets and I will change the way I eat if I feel I'm not lookin up to par. It's very compulsive and random at times, but hey I'm a women.

Facts about Nickey

1.   I don't own one pair of wedges.  I think they are cute though. The shoe on the wedge at least. I told Pammie they remind me of Herman Munster shoes. I'm sure one day I will purchase a pair. (side eye) Maybe.

2.  My mom is a fashionista!!

3.  I love fashion magazines. They are one of the things that inspire me. I finally subscribed to some and stopped getting robbed at the magazine stands.

4.  I think about fashion literally all day. 

5.  My first love is Rap (hood and crunk to be exact) then R and B and last Neo Soul and in that order. (In my Momma Dee voice, from Love and Hip Hop Atl)

Facts about both of us!!!

1.  Our first love is shoes.

2.  We both have bad memories. You can only image how a conversation between us goes. lol

3.  We have a little over 20 pairs of shoes alike. We can't help it. We always say, " Great minds think alike. "

4.  We both are blind as a bat without our contacts/glasses.

5.  We shop together regularly, but not all the time. We have THE BEST time when we do though.

6. Our favorite color is PINK.

7.  We see each other everyday. lol I wonder why?

8.  We are addicted to Polyvore right now.

We appreciate everyone that views this blog!!!

Nickey and Pammie D


  1. Yall are just TOO CUTE, love it!! I see we THREE all have SHOES fetish. I will NOT say how many prs. I own, but, ur, um..... That'll be MY lil' secret. :)

    1. Thanks Texas Rose, you have no idea how bad our obsession is, its sickening at times I'm sure to others!! lol but I'm sure you feel me...

      Pammie and Nickey


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Nickey and Pammie D

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