Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 Fashion Addictz Feature of the Week ~Juanika~

Hello Fashion Divas, my feature of the week is Juanika aka Wana who is a hairstylist from Texas. I absolutely LOVE Wana's personality and style, she is truly a fashionista. She actually put me on to some online stores that I had never heard of and now I can't stay off of. I love that she always goes for bright and vibrant colors and we all know I LOVE my color. Juanika has such a genre of styles from being bold, edgy, classic, simple and chic. She does it all. Bottom line is, I think she is fierce and I hope you do as well.

What do you most love about fashion?

I haven't always loved fashion, but I have always loved clothes. Honestly I didn't know what the fashion industry was about until I got deep into the hair business. Until then I had never subscribed to or read fashion magazines. My style choices are solely prompted by the whims of my personality, my environment and my life circumstances. So what is it that I love most about fashion? I love its utility and ability to transform.

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Anywhere I can find bright colors!! I love places like, Asos, eBay, Forever 21, some online stores, Target, Charlotte Russe, Cache and upscale boutiques. I'm not trendy and I don't feel the need to have the hottest item every season. I only buy what I fall in love with and try to keep my wardrobe simple, clean, classic, elegant and colorful. Being stylish and looking good does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money.

Who and what do you look at for fashion inspiration?

I'm inspired by colors!! I have always been a colorful child. My mom would pick me out something to wear and I always ended up mixing the color up. YEP, I was the Punky Brewster lol

What is your staple piece or go to item in your closet?

My fashion staples that are my go to items in my closet has to be my tailored pair of pants, my white button up, I would say my LBD (little black dress), but I'm removing all black in my closet, lol so I would say the LWD (little white dress). I also love my Eva curvy fit jeans, Popins bag aka a huge handbag that fits everything that I need and a multifunctional pair of heels. Also I would have to say blazers, they are my go-to piece that can make any outfit look more sophisticated and any type of t-shirt, tank top or any type of top that I could wear to go out in. I love coats and cardigans, they can be worn for any type of weather and a pair of comfortable flats. I quickly learned that after my first trip to NY. Last, but definitely not least, I'm a total fan of accessories. LOVE THEM!!

If you are ever in the Dallas, Texas area and you want your hair done, Wana does it all. You can check out her work @



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