Friday, March 14, 2014

Inexpensive Makeup Products

Makeup products can be really expensive. We are sure you all can appreciate a less expensive but still quality product. So we thought why not post about some of the items we use or plan to purchase. Let's get started.

                        NYX Concealer
                    Local Beauty Supply

                     L.A. Girl Concealer
                     Local Beauty Supply

                       Coastal Scents
             Camoflage Concealer Palette

                         Beauty Blender

            Ben Nye Banana Powder 1.5 oz

                           NYX Blush
                    Local Beauty Supply

        10 Color Professional Blush Palette
                      BH Cosmetics

                       Coastal Scents
                   88 Eyeshadow Palette
                     Sale Price $9.95
                      Coastal Scents
                    28 Neutral Palette
                    Sale Price $11.95

       Loreal 24 Hour Colorstay Foundation

                      Liquid Foundation
                        BH Cosmetics
                       Sale Price: $3.95

                  Elf Translucent Powder

               Covergirl Queen Collection 
                       Ebony Bronzer

                          NYX Lipgloss
                       Local Beauty Supply

                      Kiss Beauty Balm
                   Local Beauty Supply

          Bh Cosmetics 36 Piece Brush Set

So what did you guys think? Will you be purchasing any of the products? We hope this helped.


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