Friday, March 14, 2014

How to: Florals

What is how to? How to will be a new addition on our blog created just for our fashionistas out there that may need ideas on how to style a particular print, piece of clothing, jewelry, shoe etc. The how to today is florals. There are a lot of people that absolutely hate floral print, but we think it's a matter of how you choose and style it. Florals can be tricky and simple at the same time. We think that if you do choose to wear floral, let that be the focal point of your outfit and not over floral-ize (totally made that up lol) an outfit. Here are a few pieces that we think are adorable and a few styles that we created for ideas. Hope you enjoy!!

These floral pants may seem busy and some may say tacky, but pairing it with the same colored tone top and pumps, calms the look. This look is sophisticated, but with style.

How cute are these floral shorts? This look is for us girly girls. Pairing these shorts with this bold blazer exudes sassiness and pairing it with ankle strap heels gives you sexy.

This skirt is simple in a way. Meaning it's a very neutral toned floral print. It's more like a painting. Now this style is someone that owns it and will take over a crowded room. Confidence is key ladies!!!

This super cuteeeeeee romper has a lot of patterns mixed with the floral, so to tone this look down, it was paired with neutral tones.

Lastly, we wanted to share our outfits that we both styled wearing floral pieces.

We hope this excites you fashion divas who want to try wearing florals and just didn't know where to start.


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