Monday, March 10, 2014

Array of Colors

Heyyy Dolls,

I'm posting like crazy tonite. Can we say go me? Since I haven't posted in forever, this is a late post as well. How have you guys been? I hope stress free and fashionable at the same time. I bet Future's same d*m time song popped in your head when I said that. lol

Now what I  wearing, is pretty simple. I'm sure some of you shopped at Forever 21 a month or so ago at the 30% and 50% off sales they had. We'll I got this dress for a whopping 4.99. I love it so much. Since I wore it to work I threw on this cardigan over it. I paired it with my old faithful pointy toe shoes and there you have it.

                     My Outfit

              Dress: Forever 21
               Cardigan: Kohl's
            Shoes: Shoe Dazzle
                   Belt: Asos
            Earrings: Forever 21
             Watch: Michael Kors


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