Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot Finds for the Curvier Women

There is no weight requirement to being a beautiful curvy woman. You've been blessed with your gorgeous curves, that hourglass shape, now its time to rock it!! Curvy women sometimes have a hard time finding the right outfit to accentuate their body, but LADIES there are different types of curvy woman and you have to know your body and what works well for your figure. The curvier woman must know how to highlight there best asset, whether it be their legs, butt, breast, arms, it's up to your body type. Once you figure out that best asset, then you find the right outfit that shows it off without over doing it. You must know how to follow your curves. Last but not least, FLAUNT IT!! Once you've got it, now its time to own it. These are a few pieces that we thought would definitely highlight a woman's curves.
Pammie D and Nickey


Halter Jumpsuit
Ashley Stewart 39.99

Banded Colorblock Skirt
Ashley Stewart 19.99

Colored Skinny Jeans
Forever 21 Plus Size 22.80

Neon Ankle Jeans 24.80
Forever 21 Plus Size

Teal Chiffon With Embroidered Trim Kimono
Torrid 19.99


Khaki Lace Peplum Blazer
Torrid 58.50

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