Monday, June 18, 2012

Cheap Must Haves


I love love love this product. It is so inexpensive compared to other makeup removers and works great. I recently changed mascara’s to Maybelline Falsies and I find it hard to come off good. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Maybelline Falsies but my old mascara L’Oreal Double Extended came off so much easier. So I needed a makeup remover because I was tired of trying to get my eye lashes completely clean. But babbbyyyyyy I love these. It works great and takes alllll the makeup off you hear me. You can get them at Target or  but someone said Kroger also sales them. They are 3.00 instead of 1.00 because it is apart of Elf’s professional line instead of the Elf regular line. Please go cop these today. :)


Now we both are fans of this product, it gives wonderful light coverage that has a very natural finish. Since its summer and its super hot, we don't like to wear a full beat face all the time, so this is definitely a great option when you don’t want to put on your foundation or concealer. It comes in several different shades so don’t fret there is a color for you. It is apart of the ELF professional line as well and is 3.00.  
                                                      Nickey and Pammie D

Mac, Nars, Makeup Forever, Smashbox and all of the other high end lipstick brands has some serious competition and yes LADIES they are more than half of those prices. I’m talking about none other than the Wet and Wild Mega Color Lipsticks. Not only are they very pigmented, they are creamy and go on GORGEOUS. Me and Nickey absolutely LOVE and SWEAR by these lipsticks they are truly must haves. If you ladies want to try a colored lipstick, but are afraid of what it may look like on your complexion and you don’t want to pay that high dollar price, these lipsticks are very affordable and a great option to try without breaking the bank.  I promise ladies you won’t be disappointed. Retail price is $1.97-$2.99
Pammie D and Nickey

 Forever 21 Nail Polish

This product is another one of my favs, at one point I got obsessed with them. You can find these at your local Forever 21. The brand is Love and Beauty and you can get it for the low low price of  $2.80.  You usually can find them up toward the register in a bin when you check out. In my opinion, they work just as good as the high priced ones like OPI and Essie. I take them to the nail parlor and have them use these instead of their polishes. Occasionally, I will use their polishes but im rocking Forever 21 for the most part. I have a couple of other cheap brands thatI like but I will tell you about those later. J

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips

I absolutely love these nail strips, they are easy to apply and you can literally just go out the door once you are finish. They are constantly coming out with more new trendy designs for us to spice things up, which is a bonus. As we know these are a replica of the minx nails done at the salon, but they are not the minx nail price. These are very affordable and normally retail for $8.99 at your local Wal-Mart.
Pammie D

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