Monday, June 18, 2012

The Experiment

A lot of people love color but are to scared to try it. They feel it just looks better when they see it on other people. Well we disagree totally and want you to experiment with it. Here are some of our tips to wearing color.

1. Confidence is key
Don't second guess yourself because doing that will make you take it right off. :) Just don't keep staring at the outfit. Like Nike just do it or in your case just wear it. Owning what you wear also comes off attractive, so ladies no matter how you felt when you left home, when you step out your car and walk into that room, it's time for you to own it.

2. Sometimes looking in fashion magazines or at blogs can inspire you. Then you can put your own twist on what you saw. Find things in your closet that are the colors you might have seen. Re creating outfits is fine as long as you put your own personality and style in it. That is the most important key when doing inspired looks, it's not to copy that persons outfit identically, but its you putting your style on something that you thought was cute in that look. For example, try re-creating the color palette of that inspired look you saw or pieces of the look that caught your eye. Just never duplicate while trying to re-create.

3. Bright colors and color blocking are so in right now. Try starting out with a bright bold piece of clothing, and match it with something neutral and toned down. This well help build your confidence in bold colors. Then next time build on that with another bold piece. An example: maybe you have some turquoise skinny jeans in your closet you love. You can start out simple and wear them with a white shirt. Next time step it up a level and do the turquoise jeans with a pink or yellow shirt. Color blocking is just building colors that compliment each other on top of each other. You can do this by taking bold opposites on the color wheel and putting them with contrasting colors. Basically, primary colors red, blue and yellow with secondary colors purple, green, and orange. And if you want to get jiggy with it, yes I said jiggy with it lol add a third color usually a tertiary color. Or just wear it to your liking. I mean its your style you are expressing.

4. You can always tone down your colors with a neutral or nude shoe. Example yellow and pink then a nude shoe. Or yellow and red and cognac shoe. You have to know how to balance without over doing it, so when adding that neutral piece it helps to tone down a whole look.

5. Hair and makeup can set your outfit off as well. Nothing is cute about your hair and makeup being a mess, but your outfit is FAB. Ladies, we have to put in the effort of doing these things. So when you are experimenting with color within your outfit and you're doing your makeup, go for a natural and neutral eye to keep it simple and since buns are on the rise, a cute simple bun would just add that classic and chic touch to it. Don't forget that a bold lip can also be your pop of color when doing basic colored outfits.

Nickey and Pammie D ~muah~

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