Monday, October 29, 2012

2Fashionaddictz's Funfilled Weekend

Hey Fashionistia's, we wanted to share our weekend with you guys. Both of us had alot going on and decided to capture some of those great moments with you. Hope you enjoy!!!!

Pammie's Weekend

This weekend my family had our annual Halloween Party and we had a ball. I wanted to share with you guys some of the hilarious costumes.

My girls went as "Star" and "Beauty" from the OMG Girlz

I went as Pepa ;-)


Madea and Joe

Madea was so hilarious

Shenana and Key Low Low (Martin)

Biker Chicks

DJ Lance (Yo Gabba Gaba)

Ninja, G.I. Joe and Jane

Big Worm (From the movie Friday)

The policewoman and her prison getaway

    Nickey's Weekend

This weekend was so special to me, it was my son's Homecoming weekend. I think it has really sunk in this is my last year to experience all of this with him. I have to admit I enjoyed every moment it. I don't have any girls so seeing all the dresses was extremely fun for me. These girls had me wanting to put on a fab dress and jump on the party bus with them. lol The guys weren't to shabby either. I think they cleaned up quite well. I decided to share this milestone in our lives with you guys. 

      The girls and all their glam

The crew

 The corsage my son gave to his date

My son's mum garter they wear on Homecoming Day

 The party bus that took them to dinner

Thanks for lettings us share our awesome weekend with you guys.



  1. They grow up so fast. D looks so GQ. Love HIM!!!!

  2. Pammie your girls are cute divas like their Moma. And how about I wanted my son to be DJ Lance too. I am so jealous, he is Scooby Doo today.

    1. Aww thanks and yes they are definitely that!! Girl my nephew is obsessed with DJ Lance and the crew and aww at Scooby Doo I bet that's too cute.



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