Friday, April 18, 2014

Nickey's Bday Weekend Day 1

Yayyyy it's the weekend before my Bday. I am so amped. My birthday is so special to me. I'm celebrating all weekend. I mean there is only one me. lol So to kick off my weekend I continued a tradition I started last year getting tattoos with my girls on my bday. We have the best time together so why not have them come along to share it with me. Here are some pics from the night. 

             The girls after our tats
            Pammie, Nickey and Lupe

            Nickey, Lupe and Pammie


                  Pics before the pain

      1) Pam's tattoo Amor Vincit Omnia
          Means Love Conquers All          
      2)Lupe's tattoo Be strong, believe
      3)Nickey's tattoo Believe in your craft


               Nickey Outfit Deets

              Dress: Forever 21
              Shoes: Target
              Earrings/purse: Forever 21

                Lupe's Outfit

                Top:Forever 21
                Jeans: American Eagle

                 Pammie's Look

              Crop Top: Forever 21
          Highwaist pants: Forever 21
              Shoes: Steve Madden
                  Earrings: Image


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