Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bree Moore Fashion Show

Happy Monday fashionistas, we attended another fashion show this weekend. They are so fun and addictive. The show took place at the Aloft hotel in downtown Dallas. It was Bree Moore's first fashion show. The event benefited Children's Medical Center of Dallas in rememberence of Ne' Sya Castleberry. The purpose was to bring awareness to children with disabilities.

Bree Moore had quite a few designers for this to be her first fashion show. The designers were I.N.E.R.D, Coke Diamond, Cury Fox, Va'Vumm, Two Tone Elephant, Purpuz Clothing, JB Designs, Urbvn Empire Inx and Anthony Creation Label. Our favorites were Vavumm and Curvy Fox. We weren't able to get any pics because everything went so fast. Nevertheless, we met some cool people and did a little networking. The host was awesome as well, she kept us involved and laughing. Even though we didn't get many pics, we did get pics of our outfits. Go figure. Lol

                         Bree Moore
                Photo cred @mooreofbree
                    Dress by @pinklucy

               Before everything started 
              Photo cred @mooreofbree
                         Aloft Hotel

                 Va'Vumm Collection
           Photo Cred: @mooreofbree

                   INERD Collection
                Photo Cred: @I_am_inerd


                        Outfit Deets

                      Dress: H & M
                       Skirt:  Image
                 Body chain: Forever21
                       Shoes: Zara
                 Earrings: Forever21


      You know I love a sexy open back!

                        My Look
                    Dress: Asos
                  Earrings: Baker's
                   Clutch: Ross
              Shoes: Steve Madden


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