Friday, May 23, 2014

Rumble on the Runway Fashion Show

Happy Saturday, last weekend we attended another awesome fashion show Presented by Eye Opener Ent, Yellow Diamond Ent, Have a Fit Boutique and Christian Catwalk called Rumble on the Runway held at The House of Blues. We had a great time and a portion of the proceeds went to Charlie's Angel's to help promote Lupus awareness. 

The concept of the show reminded us of Project Runway. There were four designers who had to create three outfits in specific categories given to them by the judges. Only one designer would have a chance at their piece in the window display at Guns and Roses Boutique. 

The event was hosted by Pink Lucy and K.C. Cooper of DameCooper Ent. They had DJ Duffey jammin on the ones and twos. The designers presenting were Jagged Hanger, Silent Reign, Rocky J, and Style Junkeyz. There also was a feature designer Christian Catwalk presenting  her line as well. Even though, they were all talented only one could win. The judges Kanesha Davis-Waites (Mrs. Plus Size America), Derrick Robinson (Custom Persona Clothier) Willie Johnson III, and Nannette Watts chose Silent Reign. We have to admit we fell in love with her tulle ensemble it stole the show. 

            @kaceycal3 and @pinklucy
              Photo cred: @eyeopenerent

     @iwantdjduffey, @djalmostfamous, @chappellsho photocred:@eyeopenerent

           Photo Cred: @jaggedhanger

                 Photo cred: @eyeopenerent

              Silent Reign Designs(winner)
            Photocred: @silentreign
                  Feature Designer
              Photocred: @eyeopenerent

           Photocred. @stylebynisha
                   Nickey's Outfit

                Blazer: Kohls
                Shorts:Old Navy
                Shirt:Forever 21
                Necklace/earrings:Forever 21
                Sandals: Shudeal

                Pammie's Outfit

            Dress: Target (I simply turned this dress into a cute blouse)
             Shorts: Sears 
             Shoes: Shu Deal
             Purse: Ross I think ;-)
             Earrings: Forever 21



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